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Looking for a Corporate Wellness Program?

We’ve got your solution!

Why choose us?  The answer in a single word: Results! We help people get healthy so they feel good every day and no longer have to take prescription drugs for pain relief and chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Just as important, we educate and empower people with practical, affordable and realistic lifestyle choices so they can take care of themselves and enjoy 100% of their health potential and stay healthy for a lifetime.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and service combines the time-tested 5 essentials of Maximized Health with the latest cutting edge technology of thermal scans, computerized postural analysis, digital x-rays and paperless documentation. It is a unique approach that partners with traditional medicine to provide care that is second to none and unlike any other. With two office locations: Mississauga and Burlington, we have resources to serve any organization, regardless of size, location or time frame.

We treat everyone like family and we are very excited and proud to partner with progressive companies that understand the value of investing in the health and well being of their employees!

We are proud to continue to serve the following organizations with our Corporate Wellness Programs:


Health is Serious Business

Our Corporate Wellness program will help you create a company wide culture that results in fit, productive employees. Unlock the true potential of your employees by giving them tools proven to elevate performance.

This program will strengthen your bottom line. For every dollar spent by employers on health and wellness management programs, the ROI ranges from $1.49 to $4.91 in benefits (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services). Once case study (Koffman) even managed to yield as much as a $6 return over a 3-5 year period.


How Your Business BenefitsPortrait of smiling business people against white background

  • Lowers your health insurance costs
  • Increases staff morale & employee productivity
  • Reduces sickness & absenteeism
  • Reduces turnover and lowers your recruiting & training costs

Participation is often the greatest barrier to a corporate wellness program’s success. This problem stems from offering an oversimplified solution to a complex issue. While the common approach (helping your employees lose weight) is a crucial first step, our long-term goal is to provide easy-to-use principles that help them stay healthy and energetic for life. Using the 5 Essentials of Maximized Health, our Corporate Wellness Program will empower your employees and strengthen your business.


Introducing the 5 Essentials


thoughtMaximized Mind

Understanding the true principles of health and healing, and creating a mindset of success.



Maximized Nerve Supply

Restoring and maintaining proper function of the nervous system through spinal correction.



Nutritional science that sustains well-being, disease prevention and ideal weight.


stretching-exercisesMAXIMIZED OXYGEN & LEAN MUSCLE

Cutting-edge exercise programs that work to facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time.




Eliminate toxins while strengthening your body’s detoxification systems.



Core Workshop:

FIT WHILE YOU SIT—How Posture Affects Your Health

As versatile and agile as it is, the human body must still maintain its intended shape. The body’s natural framework allows each tissue, organ and system of the body to function properly. When that framework breaks down, the body struggles to function. Pain, illness and disease are then able to develop.


Additional Workshops and Educational Programs:

  • LOSE 20 IN 30 – The Weight Loss Challenge
  • Nutrition – Healthy Eating, Healthy Living
  • Fitness – Easy Ways to Cut Fat and Gain Muscle
  • Toxicity – Sensible Education For Decreasing Toxicity
  • Advanced Workshops — Choose from additional health workshops to cover topics ranging from battling chronic disease to raising health families.
  • Team Workouts — Keep employees motivated with team workouts. Generate amazing results without reorganizing your entire day.
  • Shop with the Doc — Join your doctor at the local grocery store to learn the best foods for nutrition.
  • Health Newsletter Content — For one year, receive weekly updates that will keep your employees engaged and thinking about their health.


How It Works?

No matter the size of your business, this program will work for you and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Advanced resources are available to further engage your employees, keep the program fun and maximize results.

1. Health Fair

One of our doctors will either participate in your current health fair or if you need help organizing one, we can arrange an interactive health fair for you which would include a wide range of services from local health professionals and organizations.

2. Core Workshops

One of our doctors will organize and host a series of Core Workshops that will address the most concerning health areas. We have a wide variety of cutting edge topics to choose from which are detailed within this booklet.

3. Ongoing Education

Finally, your business will have access to 52 weeks worth of cutting edge health information.


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