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How Should You Feel After Your First Adjustment?

Hey everyone, it’s Dr. Casey. I just wanted to speak to you about some of the potential responses you and your family may have after your very first adjustment. The first response, which is the most common, is that people just get a sense of relief, they actually start to feel better. There’s a reduction in their tension and they get better range of motion and probably the number one thing people tell me about after their first adjustment is that they actually start to sleep better.

The second response is that you don’t feel any difference. And you have to remember we’re up against, in many cases, years of damage that has accumulated and it’s going to take a series of adjustments for you to start seeing a change.

The third potential response after your first adjustment is that you actually feel worse. I don’t want you to panic, that’s normal, here’s why. Think back to your x-rays, what you were looking at was long-standing degenerative changes to your spinal bone. That has accumulated over the years. There is layers and layers of scar tissue that’s affecting your ligaments, your muscles and your bone. Enter the chiropractor.

In just a few visits your spinal bones, or vertebrae are ligaments and muscles that are going to be moving more than they have in the last decade. I fully expected your vertebrae and muscles and ligaments to be resistant to these early changes. If you do feel tenderness in the beginning, don’t worry, it’s fine, it will definitely pass within the first week or two.

This explains the phenomenon of your friend telling you that they went to see a chiropractor and it made things worse. But what actually happened is that the chiropractor didn’t take the time to explain to your friend that that is one of the potential responses to their first adjustment. Now you know.

This is Dr. Casey and I just wanted to take the time to alleviate any concerns you might have and I look forward to connecting with on the next video.