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What’s that Cracking Sound When You’re Adjusted?

Dr. Morgan: Hi, I am Dr. Morgan

Dr. Casey: I’m Dr. Casey.

Dr. Morgan: Sometimes when we are delivering an adjustment, we might be asked “what’s that cracking sound”? So we just want to clear that up for you.

When we deliver a chiropractic adjustment you may hear a ‘cracking’ or ‘popping’ sound. That’s just gas simply being released from your joints. What it isn’t is grinding or bones pushing together. It’s kind of like when you open up a can of pop. You can hear the gas release when you here that pop.

Or it’s kind of like cracking your fingers. A lot of people told you as a child that cracking your fingers is really bad, it is actually not true. When you crack your finger, you’re actually pulling the joint apart. Morgan, do you want to pull my finger.

Dr. Morgan: I know where this is going.

Dr. Casey: I didn’t mean that. But okay, if you’re at home, if you just actually pull your finger, you’re going to be gapping the joint and you should hear a popping noise. Let’s see if you can hear it?

(Fingers pops)

When you gap the joint you got the release of that air. If we were actually pushing the joint together and grinding the bones that would be terrible for the joint and you wouldn’t get that popping noise. So you know that’s not what is happening when we’re actually giving you an adjustment to your spine. Does that make sense?

Dr. Morgan: Perfect.

Dr. Casey: Great.

Dr. Morgan: Now you know what that cracking sound is. It is a positive sound. We look forward to seeing you at your next adjustment. I’m Dr. Morgan.

Dr. Casey: I’m Dr. Casey.

Morgan: Have an awesome day.