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Why It May Seem Like We’re Not Listening

Hi I am Dr. Morgan!

Recently we were at corporate health fair doing a postural analysis and speaking about chiropractic. One of the attendees came up to me and mentioned that she’s looking for another chiropractor. She was currently seeing a colleague & chiropractor, Dr. Matt. She felt like Dr. Matt wasn’t listening to her before her adjustments and that was her main concern. I thought to myself that Dr. Matt has a huge heart, he is really patient-focused and he does practice similar to me. So I sat back and I thought for second, what if some of my patients feel that way?

I wanted to clear something up. Sometimes we get so pain focused. I understand that when pain is affecting your life, that’s really the only thing that you can focus on. However, pain doesn’t necessarily tell me where I’m going to be adjusting.

They are two components; the root cause of the problem, which causes the symptom, which often times, tells you there’s a problem. However, the symptom doesn’t necessarily line up with the problem. When a patient comes in to get adjusted, even though I care about them and I care that they’re feeling symptoms, deliberately try to put that aside so I can stay focused on my clinical findings and finding the underlying problem so I can remove the subluxations.

It is not that I don’t care, because I care deeply for my patients and I care deeply for you. If you have a new injury or your symptoms need to be discussed, please call our office and book a (no extra charge) extended visit with Dr. Casey or myself. We would love to sit down with you. However, on a regular adjustment visit, we really want to stay focused to the underlying problem and be really good at what we do which is removing subluxation. I hope you found this information helpful.

Have a wonderful day!

I’m Dr. Morgan and I look forward to seeing you in the next adjustment.