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Ignore This and It Will Cost You!

I’m Dr. Morgan!

I’m going to review with you three important things that you need to be doing that will maximize your results from the adjustments.

The first is wobbling. These blue big ugly discs that are sitting on our beautiful chairs, are called wobble cushions. They’re used to help warm up your spine. Our team member will teach you how to wobble before each adjustment. Rather than gently moving side to side and only warming up the bottom few vertebrae. We recommend that you are using your full spine. Moving back and forth twenty time and then side to side twenty times. Make large movements to make sure that you’re getting all your spinal joints warmed up. This will help you receive an amazing adjustment and the adjustment will hold out longer.

Wobble cushions are also great for using while sitting at a computer or for traveling. If you would like to purchase and take one home, of course I recommend it. You can just ask our front desk staff about it.

The second important thing to do, has to do with is posture. When we adjust you, there’s a massive blast of information that goes from your spine up to your brain, that’s helping correct posture, balance and coordination. The 5 – 10 minutes following your adjustment is a critical time to make sure that you have great posture. If you have a posture strap at home, make sure you bring it to your adjustment visits so that you could wear it out of the office afterwards. If you don’t have a posture strap, it is definitely worth the investment. Speak to our front desk staff; they’ll help you find the right size.

Make sure that you’re not leaving our office and going back on a phone or an iPad or sitting scrunched up in front of your steering wheel. Be conscious of your posture for 5 to 10 minutes after the adjustments (and always!).

The third thing is; You’re going to be given some exercises and stretches to do at home. It is essential to be doing them. The rehabilitative exercises really works hand in hand with the chiropractic adjustments, so you can get some long standing results.

Recap on the three things – wobble before your adjustments, make sure that you are conscious of your posture after your adjustments and make sure that you’re doing your homecare at least four times a week.

I hope you found this information valuable and I’ll see you at your next adjustment!