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Why Does It Take So Many Adjustments?

Hey this is Dr. Casey!

I wanted to make a very special video, probably one of my most important videos. This is actually for any parents or grandparents out there. I want to talk about the fact that although it is very common, it never ceases to amaze me the number of children that come into my office for a wellness checkup (they have no symptoms) and their spine is significantly shifting to the side. Many people know this to be called “scoliosis”. Many children get checked in our office and some of them experience symptoms while others may not. However, whether your child has symptoms or not, it is actually quite irrelevant. If a child does not have symptoms and we see that there is scoliosis or the spine is shifting to the side, we know that the spine is putting pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves. Any pressure on the nervous system is going to affect a child’s overall function and health.

This is the case of a child who came into our office. You can see their spine on the first x-ray is shifting to the side which is putting pressure on the spine and nervous system. This would not have been seen to the naked eye in the postural examination. However, in many cases, scoliosis cases are only detected with x-ray. In this case, I was really glad I took the x-ray. After using our very specific adjusting protocol to take care of these cases, you can see in the post x-ray that this child’s spine is completely shifted back into alignment. The spine is now straight from the front.

With sharing this case, I hope I emphasized the importance of having a healthy spine and nervous system. If your child has scoliosis or a spine shifting to the side as they go through their next few growth spurts, the spinal condition will only get worse. Make sure your children are growing up with a healthy spine. I have helped you understand the importance of having a healthy spine and nervous system, just as the other parents do in our office. If you have not had your children checked, I encourage you to stop at our front desk on your next visit, let them know when the best time if to bring your kids in and we will make that happen.

Thank you for listening to this video.